Scott Masters

Scotty_BandScotty is very well-known in the Canberra Region as he was one half of the Number 1 rating “Scotty & Nige for breakfast” on FM 104.7 and also the guitarist for Canberra Act Night Train. Over 8 years Scotty not only kept Canberra entertained through the morning rush, he also lent his support to many charities around the region by promoting their events. A lot of people would know Scotty for his work with the amazing Cancer for Convoy Families, Scotty is a Parton for the Cancer Support Group.

Scotty also let his audience in on the fact that his own Father suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, and he spoke about how it affected him and his family on regular occasions. That’s when we at CRMD reached out and asked Scotty if he would be an Ambassador for our group, gladly he accepted instantly. Scott has been heavily involved with our 2 Fight Night’s and you can tell from his passion how much helping people with this disease means to him.Scotty

In October 2015 Scotty was unceremoniously dumped from the local radio station and after the initial shock wore off he set up his own Media company “Scott Masters Media“, Scotty now helps our team with CRMD’s Social Media and helps promote our work in the Community through his podcast with Ben Edwards. Scotty is also still involved with hosting and putting together our annual Fight Night.

Having an ambassador with 1st hand knowledge of the disease we are trying to raise funds for is a rare occurrence, and it’s made our vision much easier for Scotty to understand.