Who we are

CRMD is a small group working in the ACT and surrounding regions to support people with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions.

Our members represent people with forms of MD, local business, members of the medical profession and everyday people concerned with the current situation facing MD sufferers. From a small beginning we are growing quickly, working closely with NSW Muscular Dystrophy on regional issues and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation on a national level.

The philosophy of CRMD is to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for anyone with a neuromuscular condition.

There are very limited services to assist people with MD in the local area. Patients usually need to travel to Sydney to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. CRMD has established a good working relationship with the University of Canberra to develop clinical services in the ACT. This has started with exercise physiology classes and we intend to build this into full clinical services over time.

Some of the specific aims of CRMD include:

  • to assist people or families dealing with MD and similar conditions to get access to the best care possible;
  • to advocate for and assist people or families dealing with MD get access to necessary equipment and assistance through the NDIS or other means;
  • to assist with modifications to houses, vehicles etc to ensure people with MD have the best possible opportunity to live an independent life; and
  • to promote the importance of wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle for people dealing with MD.

If you would like to get involved or require some assistance please get in touch with us through this website.