Assistance for Equipment Purchase

Capital Region Muscular Dystrophy (CRMD) will accept applications for essential equipment funding required by CRMD members, funds permitting.

Applications are considered where the equipment is not eligible for funding through relevant ACT or Commonwealth Government funding programs such as Therapies ACT and the NDIS, or where other relevant organizations are unable to provide sufficient funding support. CRMD will also consider applications for funding assistance where the timeline for provision of equipment under relevant programs is not realistic for our members’ quality of life.

Equipment must be prescribed by an occupational therapist.

Members must provide CRMD with a copy of any applications made to Government programs or other organizations together with any response received, the occupational therapists report, any price/quotes for the equipment in question and any other relevant information. CRMD is available to assist with application processes and will advocate on members behalf for equipment provision.

Applications for equipment and vehicle modifications are considered on a case by case situation and are also dependant on funding availability and the availability of other funding avenues.

On occasions where it is appropriate CRMD may provide assistance in kind rather than as a monetary payment.

Any request for assistance will be considered by the CRMD Committee as quickly as possible.

Consideration of requests will take into account, without being limited to:

  • the recommendations of an occupational therapist and any other relevant advice pertaining to each case;
  • the availability of suitable equipment through the NDIS or similar schemes;
  • the circumstances of the member making the request, financial and otherwise; and
  • any other avenues of assistance available to the member which we may be able to assist with.